Scales of War - Champions of the Elsir Vale

Marching Orders
Session Aug 1st 2011

After returning from the Feywild with Riley Swiftoes, the Party are tasked with helping to find the Karak Load. A recently rediscovered Dwarf Mine, belonging to Bram Ironfell and his clan. Riley Informed the party that an agent of his had also gone missing. The Party were tasked with finding the agent and if possible the mines themselves.

On the way, the party are ambushed by a rival dwarf clan, the Hammerfists, who want a stake in the rediscovered mine. But the party successfully overcome their attackers. Pressing on into the wilderness they make for the last known site Riley’s agent was head from, Pinesdown, on the way they gain the assistance of Mag Blackthorn, a ranger of the wilds, who himself is tracking a band of Nomadic Giants causing problems up and down the Stonefist Mountains.

With his help, the party avoid getting lost and spot in the distance Pinesdown, but even as they approach a horse heartfelt cry reaches their ears, all is not well in Pinesdown.

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